Contemplation… a call to examine.


This call to examine or rather contemplate is all about… experiencing raw, unfiltered reality (what I like to call, the Un-Instragrammed life) and allowing that to birth new perspective in us, by shattering and widening our prior understandings.

Ronald Rolheiser wrote,

We contemplate every time we see something as it really is, nakedly, face to face. (from Forgotten Among the Lilies)

But there exists within us  a huge resistance…  we don’t really want to know.  We are mad when suffering and injustice are thrust before us.  Like poet Thomas Gray we see, “ignorance as bliss.”  So we close our eyes, turn the channel, stop buying the paper, and ignore reality.

It’s a privilege to remain ignorant, but it shouldn’t be our dwelling place.  We must contemplate, we must- for the sake of wholeness.

Steven Pressfield says it brilliantly,

Resistance is always lying and always full of shit.
The more important a call or action is to
our soul’s evolution, the more Resistance we will feel toward pursing it. (the War of Art)

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