A Sower of Presence

To one place they flocked, to one space they gathered.  An assembly of the unlikely, an assembly of one and all, an assembly not bound by religious boundaries, racial differences, or social status.  This particular group included a former lost boy, a skinhead, a teacher, a stay at home dad, a professor, a young man with an anger problem, a tiny asain woman, several pastors, a cable repair man, an amway presenter, and several students studying.

This was my Sunday experience.
This my church.
This my sanctuary.

A place where the roles of a barista and pastor intertwine.  This beautiful and complex assembly, came in throughout my shift at the coffee shop where I have worked for almost four years.  Some came for food, others drinks, or conversation, and most often for free wifi.  And like always, we provided space for all of those things.

As their pastor and fellow pilgrim, it was privileged to give and live the sermon.  A simple message, delivered through eye contact, a smile, and genuine concerned for the people I served.  A sermon encapsulated by the word presence.

 Prayer: Help me be present today… receiving each moment, receiving each person. @stevenargue

And out of these encounters with customers, I wonder if truly being present is the simplest way of communicating gospel?


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