the birds pray for me

Almost everyday, for the last couple of weeks,
I have traveled down this quaint little trail by my house.
Sometimes I run (like I did today), other days I walk, bike, or rollerblade.

This movement has been my “quiet time”
its not the typical half hour with a Bible + journal
or anything close of the way I was taught to commune with God
through Sunday school, youth group, and Bible College
but it works for me
and who really cares if I do things the normal way anyway?

here on the trail
the birds pray for me
the smell of fresh air is intoxicating
the power of ruach is evidence

here on the trail
I smile at those I pass
I find a childlike joy + sense of wonder
seeing a slender red cat prowl in the grass,
a mallard duck attempt to fly,
minnows swimming about in the creek below,
and a woodchuck hastily scurrying up a tree.

here on the trail
I am content
I am fully present
I am overwhelmed with gratitude, peace, + HOPE

this trail is…
my prayer
my meditation
my centering
my repeating chorus
my retreat
and here I feel fully alive


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