Thoughts from Chasing Francis

This book is ridiculous, utterly ridiculous
(but don’t worry because for me that is a term of endearment).
For me, its like saying I love this or that.

In reading, Chasing Francis by Ian Cron I have been invited to wrestle with the truths expounded upon by Saint Francis of Assisi some 800 years ago.  I have been invited into a narrative that speaks straight to my soul, as if these words were crafted just for me. In reading and wrestling I’ve… laughed, cried, recommended this book to many, found solace in a roller coaster of emotion, and had to physically put the book down to process the questions it has raised within me.  Yeah… its that good.

Every since Ian Cron taught about the Eucharist at Mars Hill I have been enamored with his work.  Each word of his teaching seemed to be deliberately chosen,  each sentence carefully crafted, and in those few moments, I knew I needed to read each and everyone of Ian’s books.  The scribbles in my journal from that teaching and the experience of serving communion during that service have left me utterly changed.  Reading this book has produce a similar experience.

One where I could not help but become wrapped in the drama of frictional mega church pastor Chase Falson’s life as he lost his faith in front of this multitude.  Falson’s thoughts, questions, and doubts connected completely with some of my own wondering about faith and church practice.  Its as if we wrestled together with these musings.  Its as if I were on the same pilgrimage Falson took after leaving his congregation for a time.  On this pilgrimage, Saint Francis became close.  I began to see Francis as someone I could relate to and learn from.  Previous to reading this book, I had read several about Francis but never one that made me feel like we just went out for espresso at a local café and talked for hours.

I echo many of Falson’s conclusions after chasing Francis all through Italy.  I resonate with Francis’ philosophy on an entirely new level thanks to Ian.

This books is beautifully written and you should definitely check it out.


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