A Season of Dutch Blitz

In a moment of procrastination yesterday, I found this picture and realized something about this season in my life… its definitely a lot like Dutch Blitz.

If you have ever played the game you know what I mean.
There is a rush that comes in playing,
its fast-paced and often emotionally heated.
It requires all your focus, lest you be overwhelmed by the chaos of it all.
To play well you must keep your eyes on a myriad of different things.
Whatever your strategy, is important to see what other people are doing as well.

Now, if I’m honest Dutch Blitz for me is several different things at once.. an adrenaline rush, a drain on my mental capacity, and either a great experience or quite a frustrating one.  You see, I’m by no accounts good at Dutch Blitz.  In fact, I have only ever yelled that word at the top of my lungs a handful of times.  The chaos and speed of the game often freaks me out.  I get stressed playing because I want to win but often, I am instead lost in just one of the several things, I should be focusing on.  That’s why I lose (my friends could attest to this).

Here’s where this translates in my life.. my personality is such that I do best with just a few tasks, focuses, priorities, and responsibilities at a time.  Its really easy for me to lose balance and become overwhelmed when my attention and time is spread between too many different areas.  I think this holds true for most people but I seem to be hyper-aware of that tension in myself (which I am grateful for).  It seems though that nothing can stop this season from running at a Dutch Blitz pace.  I am being pulled in a million different directions (all of which I signed up for) and now am faced with a choice… sink or swim, sink or swim?

I think we all experience Blitz seasons but we have to buckle down and go with it.  We have to find enough rhythm to make it work, enough focus to complete the tasks, enough courage to brave the craziness, and enough strength to laugh no matter the outcome.  The race to graduation, summer, and whatever is next could defeat me or I could choose to run with the bulls harnessing all the fear, excitement, and boldness within.  Sometimes, I just need a moment of quiet to be reminded of brilliance of every moment (fast, slow, or in between).

So what kind of season are you in?  How do you deal with the Dutch Blitz pace of life?  How do we find rhythm and meaning at 90 miles an hour?


Let me know what you think...

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