wk2 ec[fod40]

Stoves + Ovens… Are my new best friends.  The ec[fod40] requires that we hangout.

Colour… My plate contains a whole lot more colour than it has recently.

Flavour… I have been using fresh herbs + fruit juice to add zest to things,
I would normally coat in butter, ketchup, or mayo.

Snacks… Carrots, Popcorn w/ Herbs + Olive Oil, Potato Chips, Blueberries

Desserts… Are way more expensive, so I have been eating them a lot less.

I think this experience is definitely teaching me about what it really means to love my neighbor/friend.  Every time, I want to cheat on an authorized ingredient, the question comes up… how far am I really willing to go to understand my neighbor?  Will I stop when its inconvenient, expensive, or just not that easy anymore?  Will I quit when it costs me more than I think or want to sacrifice?  At what length will I go to love and learn from another?  These are hard questions… ones that plague my subconscious especially this lenten season.

What is lent showing/teaching you?


Let me know what you think...

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