getting to know the ec[fod.40]

Acuity of the soul and consciousness of a life beyond the material come more easily when the material is not allowed to smother us.  Lent enables us to face ourselves, to see the weak places, to touch the wounds in our own soul, and to determine to try once more to live beyond our lowest aspirations… Lent is the period in which, learning to abstain from adoring at the shrine of the self, we come to see beyond the divinity we have made of ourselves to the divine will for all.  113

Here’s what I have learned/observed thus far:

Breakfast… I have been eating it regularly,
which is something I haven’t done in years.

Fruits + Veggies… I haven’t eaten this many since lent last year.

Potato Chips… thank you, thank you, thank you
low FODmap for not taking these away from me.

Food… I think about it a whole lot.  Is that normal?

FODmap… I have added this word to my word processors dictionary.
No more red lines, its legit.

Hunger Pains… I usually stuff my face so full of processed food to feel them
but now they let me know when I actually need to eat.  Who knew?

*quote taken from The Liturgical Year


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