dream catchers are overrated [part cuatro]

To conclude this series,
I will leave you with a few quotes I have been musing over.

What I have found though is that all any of us can do, as artists and writers, is give hints and glimpses and snippets as to what has worked for us. We cannot document a step-by-step program to assure anyone’s success. We merely share our own stories and hope for a point of inspiring connection that is helpful. 53

Let us remember that you are working within us to bring the dreams you’ve planted to life. 53

Sometimes I wonder if our lack of energy for life is largely because we’ve ignored all the things that would be life giving to us. 54

Let the dream living begin as they gain confidence. Let the Creator whisper to you as they take color. This is life as it was meant to be lived, to the full. 62

As with anything I am a part lately, it seems like I am left with more questions than answers.  And I am learning that this is a good place to be (not always comfortable but good nonetheless)… full of questions, pondering, doubts, and truths.  I think I am learning most about the power of expressing all of this.  Its a process that is making me more honest with my journal and many of my friends as to where I am really at.  And thankfully, its a process that is helping me to do the same for others.  I know my voice is found in the midst of these wanderings of the soul.

*the quotes are all taken from Mandy Stewards ebook Tomorrow’s Dreams Today


2 thoughts on “dream catchers are overrated [part cuatro]

  1. Yes, Anna, I think when we are left with questions, it puts us in a good place to be… when we think we have answers, sometimes the truth is we’re far off, really. I like the quotes you chose to share from Tomorrow’s Dreams Today… One of the motivations that has been breathed through Mandy’s book is to hold on to life, what brings us life, and allows us to live full.
    I dedicated this today to all who are taking part in this study: http://thisismyoffering.blogspot.com/2012/02/tomorrows-dreams.html

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