dream catchers are overrated [part tres]

we are changed by the things that we are intimate with. The facts alone don’t change us. It’s the closeness, the rubbing up against something multiple times that affects us. And so if we want to be changed for the better, it would make sense that we would become intimate with great ideas, great people, great events, great places.  It would make sense that we would become intimate with great stories and in turn we would start to write a great life story of our own. 42

Out of these pages then emerge questions… that scare me to ask because they unveil my true colors.  These honest raw questions pierce the very depths of me.  What am I intimate with?  What have I come close to?  What do I need to come close with?  What do I need to distance myself from?  What barriers exist between me + intimacy with greatness?

There is power in becoming intimate with things of greatness. 44

How do I pursue intimacy + closeness with greatness?  Where do I need to go?  What do I need to do or not do?  How can I better tap into greatness?  Thinking about this idea of intimacy with greatness makes my longing for intentional community all the more gripping.  It would be the icing on the cake, the cherry on top, the truest sense of intimacy with greatness.  To live in close communion with God and others, what a thought, what a life.

Its something I ache for.  Something, I’m not sure I will feel complete without.  I have this intense wild longing for all things community.  I long for closeness on a level only living community can provide.  People to walk, talk, laugh, cry, and sit with.  People who know both our genius (talent + passion) and our dirt (struggle) and still want to do life with us.  And yet as I write this, I know I often miss the beauty that is  living with family.  Something to continue to wrestle with I guess.

We all need friends that believe in us, that dream with us, that challenge us to live out our greatness. Equally we need to be a friend like that to others. 50

I think this is why we are fascinated by collaboration, conferences, and collectives of like minded people.  We crave inspiration and long to be that to others. 

So here’s to community + fellowship with greatness now and in the future!  Cheers


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