dream catchers are overrated [part dos]

We fall into the dangerous trap of sharing our dreams with others, not out of our passion and commitment to the dream, but out of our need to validate it or grade it. And when we get told it’s too dangerous or too risky for a person so tiny as us, we begin to believe it. 33-34

It’s not about whether the artist’s creations will be popular or whether his/her voice will be worth listening to, it’s whether the artist is creating something that simply must come out. 34

What a thought… I mean really, what is there in me that just must come out?  What was a born to do or be a part of?  Popularity and recognition aside, what is that thing locked in me waiting to be released, cultivated, exposed, and shared?  Am I nurturing that calling to create?   Have I already begun to unwrap this gift or is it still encased deep within my soul?  These are the questions dreamers ask.  These are bold questions, I want to live in light of.

Howard Thurman added to this idea in saying, “Don’t ask what the world needs.  Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it.  Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”  Wow, that is powerful.  I wonder how different the world would be if children grew up with this mentality?  We often ask the first question of the world and forget the dreams we had prior to looking at the needs of the world.  What if the dreams place inside of you are, exactly the way you were meant to change the world?  So often, we exchange our dreams and longings, for something that makes a “bigger” difference, more money, or “greater” success.  I wonder if we are doing ourselves and those around us a disservice in casting off our dreams for something else.

You must, above all costs, be true to the dreams inside you, even the seemingly selfish ones 39

This idea of pursuing seemingly selfish dreams is interesting.  I can remember someone else saying just about the same thing about a year ago.  My instant reaction to his idea about calling and pursuing dreams, was are you serious?  Really?  As Christ followers, we are supposed to put others first right?  How does that work if we are pursuing this dream that really changes or effects no one but you?  Isn’t that something you are meant to give up as you follow Christ?  The more and more though that I am introduced to this idea, the less harsh I react to it.  I almost like it now.  It still causes this inner tension with everything I have ever been taught but it does seem freeing.  A subject I must continue to ponder.

*the quotes are all taken from Mandy Stewards ebook Tomorrow’s Dreams Today

Where are you at with these ideas?  Are these even questions we should be asking?  


2 thoughts on “dream catchers are overrated [part dos]

  1. BEAUTIFUL and HARD questions.

    i love this, anna: What if the dreams place inside of you are, exactly the way you were meant to change the world?

    keep asking yourself this…i’ll be keeping this question tucked away myself.

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