dream catchers are overrated… instead I’m Chasing the Dream [part uno]

Thanks to Elora Nicole I can never again say, “I never win anything.”  That’s right folks… I won!  Hold on a moment, while I bask in the glory it.  Ahhhhh, that’s good.

Ok moving on, you probably want to know what I won right?  Well let me tell you… I won a free download of Mandy Steward’s ebook Tomorrow’s Dreams Today.  Which is awesome!

Anyways, I want to review the book for you, as a way to thank Elora and Mandy, as well as process its content with you.  [Disclaimer: I am going to quote the book now, so if you want to read it first,
consider this your emergency exit.]

The biggest thing this book is awakening me is this pursuit of my voice and faithfulness to it.  This ties in both the discovery of it, as well as, the journey with and within it.  A life long call… a lifetime pursuit worth every moment.  Answering the question, who am I, through understanding who God has created me to be.

I would venture to say that, being true to yourself is possibly the greatest gift you have to offer yourself and others.  But its so hard… so hard to be true to yourself.  So hard to be unashamedly you… especially when it seems everyone wants you to be someone you aren’t.  They want you to fit this mold or that when you were born to break molds.

And then there’s this internal tension and struggle to embrace our own uniqueness (gifts, talents, style, and character).  We desperately want to be just like this person or that.  We want to be singers when we were created to be ______.  We want to be artists when we were designed to ______.  We want to be _____ when we are so inherently good at _____.  Sometimes we even go so far as to pursue a dream we weren’t wired to be a part of (maybe that’s why college students change majors so many times).

And then when it comes down to our dreams, we make up all sorts of excuses not to pursue them.  We guard these longings and desires so deep within that we often forget about them.  We forget that we love to ______ because we have been ____ing so long.  We save it for tomorrow when we could make steps toward it today.  And its in this moment Mandy asks the question “are you ready to begin living tomorrow’s dreams today?”  A question which essential asks us to push forward in the face of resistance.

There is a contentment that can come when you allow yourself to settle into your story, your own adventure.   15

And with that, Bill Cunningham says, “There are no shortcuts.”  You have to go after it.  You have to pursue it with all your might.  Our dreams are not instant realities (though some would wish) but rather, the unfolding realities of our daily choices.  The movie, What about Bob? was right.  Baby steps are the ticket to successful transformation.  We often think of the huge decisions (giant steps) but are blind to the countless baby steps before vision is a reality.

That’s where so many of us stand with our dreams. We just need to begin doing something. Not the perfect thing. But something. We need forward movement… I am no longer a chaser, I am a doer.  I am living the dream in all its imperfect ugliness. It’s not how I pictured, but now I have momentum. I will make it. 31

Forward motion is the goal.  Not perfection (like I often weary from).  Movement.  Today we have the opportunity to page twenty-two it as some friends and I like to say :

Never forget: This very moment, we can change our lives.  There never has a moment, and never will be, when we are without the power to alter our destiny.
-from page 22 of the War of Art by Steven Pressfield


6 thoughts on “dream catchers are overrated… instead I’m Chasing the Dream [part uno]

  1. I’m looking forward to discussing this book with you and others on Elora’s blog! Thank you for these words here, especially “you were born to break molds,” all bolded so I could see it better. Here’s to the baby steps towards living out dreams! (so much more real than the giant leaps i think i must take that send me falling head over feet.)

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