Can you hear me now? Good!

For much of the day we go without thinking about it.  In fact, it actually takes effort to notice it.   Even more than that, it takes time to deepen it… concentration to see it as more than mundane.  Thankfully, it happens with or without our attention.

I wonder though, if we might be better off, with more of a connection with this involuntary action.  I wonder if it would better connect us in celebrating the divine in the daily.  I wonder if aligning ourselves with our breath would help us better align with God.

As I have said before and I will say again, I think breath is simply captivating.  Its an experience of the presence of God.  Our relationship with God is often like our relationship/connection with our breath.  It often goes without thinking.  It frequently suffers from a lack of intentionality.  It beckons us to notice its worth, and wisdom, and testament.  What if noticing our breath was a catalyst unto the depth, width, and expansiveness of God?  So my friends would we again:

Breathe in… slowly, deeply, deliberately.
Pausing to enjoy this moment.
Breathe out… slowly, deeply, deliberately.
Pausing to see, hear, taste, touch, and smell all that this moment has to offer.

For intentionality in breath, might just launch us ever deeper into God.


Let me know what you think...

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