Coffee Shop Hours

We are all familiar with the idea of office hours, but I wonder if youth ministry might be better off, if we embraced what I like to call coffee shop hours?   I got this idea a couple days ago.  Maybe people are already doing it, but I have never heard of it before.

What are you talking about Anna? I’m glad you asked.  Coffee shop hours would be times where students know they can find me at a certain coffee shop at a designated time.  Maybe its an every week, every other week, or once a month deal.  Whatever the timing, it would be all about creating space to do life with students.  Maybe one would come, maybe a group, and maybe no one either way it really wouldn’t matter (I could just work on my laptop if nobody showed up that week).

Lately, I have been trying figure out how better to connect with students outside of program nights and I think this could work.  Especially in a community where coffee shops are hangouts for students and adults alike.  If I found myself in a community where this wasn’t the case, I guess I would have skate park hours, mall hours, soccer practice hours, porch hours or hours wherever else my students like to hangout.  In order to place share with students, we must be willing to meet them where they are at.  I’m excited to see how this goes and dream other ways to share life with students.

Where do you go to meet students?  How can we better meet students where they are at?


Let me know what you think...

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