the search for validation

This word keeps coming up… in books, conversations, and in my thoughts.  Validation is something we are all in search of.  Something we all desperately long for.  The quest to understand our identity, belonging, and mission seems to be the primary form of validation seeking we submit ourselves to.

Although much of what we do or don’t do seems to come down to this need for validation. We have this innate need to be known, recognized, accepted, and or achieved some measure of fame (whether great or small).  We often style our dress, conversations, profile pages, and really our lives around this.  Lately, though I am becoming more and aware of the ways I do this.

I have always had this fascination with the idea of understanding our identity and what that would do for our consciousness.  I believe our level of knowledge and understanding related to our own identity, belonging, and mission is directly proportional to our confidence level.  I should HOPE self-doubt would diminish, in the face of understanding about who I am, where I belong, and what I was created to do.

It seems to be a balancing act though because when we know or think too much of ourselves we quickly lose our posture of humility.

How do we live this out and model others in it as well?  How are students encouraged in the search for validation?


Let me know what you think...

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