Can I have that?

I was wearing this sweater, a couple days ago, when it happened.  And then out of nowhere came this question.  I thought she was complimenting me on my outfit but rather she was asking for it (in fact she asked more than once because I didn’t hear her the first time).  The audacity.

At first, it caught me off guard.  I didn’t answer.  I mean really?  Its one thing to ask to borrow something but another to ask about keeping something.  Who does that?

After all, I like the sweater (I think I liked it better because she wanted it).  It seemed of infinite more value in the face of this request.  In fact, for awhile, I never wore it because I wasn’t sure what it went well with.  But know, I wanted it.

So for the rest of our meeting, I fought this internal battle as to whether or not to relinquish the beloved sweater.  I went over its value to me.  Not really in monetary terms, since the sweater only cost me $3.29 at Goodwill but rather, in terms of the time, I spent looking for it and other items to add to my wardrobe.  You see, most of the time, I don’t buy anything there so apparently when I do, I become quite attached.  I guess its the quest that excites and entertains me.  I was attached to the thrill of the hunt and its outcome (a practically brand new Gap sweater).

Back to the question… how could she ask for my sweater?  I probably would never ask someone for their clothes or anything else of that they have.  Its just not my personality.  I have always been one to wait for someone to make an offer rather than seek one out.

Here are the results of my internal battle… a couple of reasons leading me to make my decision.

  • I should not be overly attached to an item…
    its certainly not the philosophy I want to live by.
  • If someone has the audacity to ask, why not?

So I am giving her the sweater.
Thankful for the ask and the opportunity to give.
Thankful for the lesson a friend, goodwill sweater, and the Holy Spirit have to offer.

Sometimes sweater don’t fit.  Thank the Lord.
Bonus, I get to keep the sweater and the lesson.


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