Walk the Line… discover where to stand.

The subject comes up a lot and each time it looks at me as if I should have something to say about it… some feeling, reaction, belief, idea about what its all about.  But I don’t.  No real concept stands out in my mind.  Its a huge struggle that stares me down more times than not.  I mean where is the line between confidence and pride?  Where is the line between a healthy concept of self and a defeating one?  Where is one to sit when it comes to humility?

My inking (that’s all it really is) says its all about right concept of self, others, and God.  If you have this right concept idea down then humility lines your shoes, brushes against your lips, waves gently to the other, and explains the curvature of your figure.  Humility is a way of being.  A way to simply be.  But how, how does one begin the cadence that is the humble life?  How does one look past distorted mirrors, misplaced affections, and into something real, authentic, raw, and unashamed?  How does one grasp a word written for children playing in the fields?

So my friends, I ask you, what does humility really look like?


Let me know what you think...

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