Where have you met Jesus?

These words sputtered out of my mouth
a couple days ago in conversation.

At the place, seemingly “without” truth,
I have found more truth than I have ever known.

It seems as though truth lurks in the least likely places or in figures I would not expect.  Truth surprises me often.  I see Jesus in characters I would not normally associate with.  I see Jesus in places that seem as dark as night.  I see Jesus in the unlikely… people, places, spaces, etc.  I see Jesus because once and I while dare to go where others see no HOPE or light or truth.  I know wholeness on a level ever before because of a place and community who are looked at as heretical.  I do not see them like that, for I know the Jesus they have introduced me, the Jesus the colors the pages of Scripture, the Jesus who interacts with the places and people “without” truth.  Jesus, who is truth, apart from people, place, or circumstance.

Tomorrow, I begin rereading the Gutter by Craig Gross with some high school students.  This is exciting because I HOPE they see Jesus in the unlikely.  I HOPE they are surprised and challenged by Jesus.  I HOPE we begin to meet people in the Gutter and expand our idea of what it really means to follow Jesus.  I pray that this book and conversation is a catalyst into something greater.

And so I ask, where have you met Jesus?  How and where have you been surprised by truth?


Let me know what you think...

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