lamp unto my feet

I have had this song stuck in my head for the last couple days.  It was quite fitting  yesterday, to find when reading a commentary on Acts, some great explanation as to the meaning of this text/song (Psalm 119:105).  Coincidence I think not.

William Willimon said, “we must let the story have its way with us.  We shall let the narrative re-describe and create new reality for us, trying to uncover the answers to the questions the story would have us ask.”

Wow, Willimon’s words are dead on!  The narrative of Scripture is light.  When we allow it to have its way with us, transformation and renewal begin to take shape.  The narrative helps us walk into new realities.  It redefines everything we know from now on.  It even toughs at our past understandings, calling them into question in the light of this new reality.  It is in these new realities, that we find more of who we are and who God is.  Our doubts and questions allow us to plunge deep into the narrative.  We then find space to wrestle with realities old and new.  We then are ushered into a dance with something all together new.  The Mishnah claims that there are 70 facets to Torah just as there are to jewels.  In various lights and positions new reflections and depths come to the surface.  Each facet building upon the others to add beauty to its whole.  One can study there whole life and still not exhaust all the meanings of Torah.  The same can be said of the entire narrative of Scripture.  It is vast, long, high, wide, and deep  just as the love of God (Ephesians 3:18).

May your light burn within me.
May it guide and direct my path.
May I walk into new realities,
as they unfold before me,
in this beautiful narrative of poetry and prose.


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