Simply Captivating

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Seeing my breath in the cold winter air was amazing.
Last night, I stood by a bridge in woods for the better apart of 20 minutes.
It was dark and I had nothing but I headlamp to keep me company.

And then I noticed it… at once I was captivated.
Again and again, I watched it dance about.
Seeing my breath twirl about… oh it was simply captivating.
Again and again, a reminder of the divine in the daily.
A visible sign of God with us.
A mind-blowing movement from a brilliant composer.

I have never really been to fond of the cold until now.
What if if exhaling in the cold is a picture of the Christ incarnate?

Allow me to explain…
We are to inhale God. We are to exhale God.
We are to walk/dance in this beautiful rhythm.
What if visible breath is a reminder of God with us, in us, and through us?

So again I pause to breathe
Now knowing ever so clearly, that God is here in this moment.


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