whispers flow from these vents

Sometimes questions arise that rattle your beliefs, practices, and convictions.
I am learning not to shy away from these occasions
as they are moments where new meaning and significance might be discovered.

Often I do not have answers for the questions.
In fact, less and less are people telling me the answers to my questions.
More and more, they encourage me to keep thinking, digging, questioning, and searching.
My gut just wants them to tell me the right answer or the answer they have found
but my heart wants to find its own meaning.

Sometimes I feel as though I might explode
as you chisel away at the frame of who I have been and what I know
shattering, shattering, shattering you are shattering the image I see in the mirror
asking me to become something more
something truer
something more whole
something entirely new to me
I want to I really do
no seriously, I want to I really do
but its hard when it seems these percepts are hard wired in

I do not hold any of this against you
in fact, I am glad I am here and now experiencing all of this
just remember that I am slow and deliberate
like the movements of a sloth
slow and deliberate
like the howl of a wolf
slow and deliberate
like a timid party guest
I enter into this with caution
I enter in wanting what it right and true for me and you
Please remember where I came from as you whisper these whispers in my ear.


Let me know what you think...

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