in all CAPS

I don’t know why or remember when it started but I always write the word “HOPE” in all capital letters.
Whether I am writing a text, email, paper, or note you can count on that word sticking out a vast sea of characters.

The word and message of HOPE should grab our attention.
We should grapple with its truth in every situation.
As it is an intentional reminder of the gravity of our existence.
We shout HOPE into places where dreams no longer abide.
We carry HOPE on our backs, hands, and feet in the gifting of sustenance.
We smile with HOPE for our stories are peppered with the beauty that is redemption and transformation.
We must run with HOPE for it is gospel to those who meet it.

Without HOPE what are we?
What can we proclaim?
How can we make a difference?

All of these thoughts came flooding through my mind this week after a conversation with a friend and fellow follower of Christ.  We were talking about a mutual friend who does not follow Jesus and how great this person would be with Him in their life.  I believe wholeheartedly that this person could change the world in ways I never could if only Jesus was their best friend.  I went on to share that I HOPE with all that is in me to see that day for them.  My friend and fellow follower of Jesus said, “I don’t think this person will never follow Jesus.”  My friend then reiterated the the HOPElessness of the situation and my heart sank.

What weapon do we have against evil other than a HOPE that is not dependent on circumstances?
A HOPE that holds out even when darkness is all we can see.
A HOPE that is steady through even the greatest of struggles.
A HOPE built on the rock.
A HOPE that perceives through thick and thin to display beautiful things.


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