If only I had a Camera…

A little background for you…
I work at a coffee shop and have worked there for the last three years.
Next to our shop is the infamous BK lounge (aka Burger King).
Every now and again something epic happens between these two buildings.
Thankfully, I was around to witness it today.

Picture this:
An elderly man neatly dressed in pants up to his belly button held by suspenders exiting the BK lounge.
In his hand is bag presumably with his dinner in it.
He walks every so slowly and deliberately over to his “ride.”
Then after popping the “trunk” he places his dinner inside for the ride home.
Every so slowly he starts his engine and begins his journey home.
Seems like an everyday occurrence right?
Well, not really especially when said old man just put his dinner in the grass clippings collector of his riding lawn mower.
And then preceded to start the engine and ride every so slowly down the sidewalk towards home.

I about died laughing.  I assume this guy doesn’t have a driver’s license anymore and saw fit to get to BK with what wheels he did have.
Thanks for making my day sir!


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