the Year of Humility

the beginning of my braces journey (Aug 2010)
no more braces (July 2011)

I called this 11 month season “the Year of Humility” for multiple reasons…

1|. metal mouths are lame at 21 (although I am glad to have had the help of parents + insurance to cover such an expense)

2|. a mouth full of metal makes one look way younger than they are (multiple times I was asked/assumed to be in middle school)

3|. names such as “brace face” and “metal mouth”

4|. my dentist said it would only take until Christmas to “fix” my teeth (that was 7 months ago)

5|. food stuck in your teeth all the time (seriously could someone just tell me I have spinach in my teeth?)

_ _ _ _ _

It did have its perks though especially when serving with middle school students who are facing the same horror.  It gave me some perspective on how humbling of an experience the presence of braces, ache, or weight gain are to students.  I had multiple conversations start with students over braces and end with stories of much deeper joys and pains than physical appearance.  And in those moments I was so glad to have braces at 21.  It was at times the catalyst that brought me into the world beneath.  For that I am thankful.


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